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What do you most want your retirement to look like?

We believe the answer to this question begins while you are still working. That’s why we have been helping hundreds of active employees in the airline industry and others successfully manage their retirement savings. We want to provide you with the investment advice and guidance that will answer the questions you have now – as well as the ones you will have when you retire.

Our investment philosophy is founded on applying sound research, diversification, low fees, and transparency. We create portfolios structured with a combination of individual equities, ETF’s, Index Funds, as well as mutual funds and bond funds – which makes the portfolio come alive versus using all mutual funds. This philosophy translates into a balanced portfolio for you and results in transparency We endeavor to position your portfolios to withstand much of the volatility that has become commonplace in the market today.

We do the reading and research necessary to keep pace with the global markets and build successful portfolios. We do not trade often – just to make it look like we are doing something. Frequent trading isn’t necessary with a good mix/weight of the assets. Trading often can hurt, not help, your total rate of return and adds unnecessary costs.

To our current clients – We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the trust you have placed in us through the years. We value your faith in our ideas and we will continue to strive for the best returns and risk management for all clients.

For Delta Air Lines Employees:

Our primary niche is the airline industry, although we work with many clients in varied walks of life including doctors, lawyers and small business owners. For Delta Air Lines employees, we utilize BrokerageLink® accounts via Fidelity’s WealthCentral platform to provide much greater choices for all employees.

We encourage ALL employees to make sure you are maximizing the contributions to your 401k. Contributions and earnings are tax-deferred until you begin taking distributions. Delta currently makes matching contributions each month based on a percentage of earned compensation.

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