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Our Process

Portfolio Design

First, we help you define your goals. We ask questions related to your current financial situation, what you hope to achieve, and your attitudes towards risk and return. Then we recommend a “blueprint” for your investments.

The result is a long-term strategic asset mix. Our strategy is supported by many years of academic research, which has confirmed diversification and asset allocation accounts for over 90% of a portfolio’s performance.

Asset Allocation

We combine a diverse mix of asset classes to cover the global markets. No one can predict which areas of the market are going to do better at any point in time. Academic studies prove the most important decision an investor makes is determined by asset allocation. This includes large and small cap stocks, value/growth, U.S. and International stocks, bonds, REITs, index funds, special situations, and other investment vehicles.

Overall we recommend a passive approach with a long-term view, designed to provide performance in line with the capital markets.

Tracking Your Goals

Our clients receive account updates from each custodian. AFA reports are available upon request. The data presented in these reports provide answers such as: Is the investment plan on track? Is the portfolio meeting your goals? Has the risk and return been in line with expectations given market performance? Does the portfolio need to be re-balanced or provide more income?

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