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Retirement Guidance


You have worked all your life and deserve to be confident in your decisions at this important milestone.

Retirement should be a time to cherish but it can also pose a multitude of questions to answer and decisions to be made. We are here to provide answers to these questions and guidance for our clients already retired and those who are approaching retirement.

At American Financial Advisors, we conduct a thorough review of the best strategies to meet your goals as you consider many factors including:

  • How do I rollover my 401k? We walk through each step together with you to simplify this complicated process.

  • What are my options if I hold company stock inside my 401k? If you do, there is a transaction called Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA) - allowed by the IRS - that can be applied to reduce the size of your IRA that will eventually be subject to Required Minimum Distributions and taxed at ordinary income rates. We will explain the process.

  • What should my allocation be to stocks or bonds? How much cash should I hold in my retirement account? We provide a free Portfolio Risk Analysis utilizing Riskalyze to determine your risk tolerance, financial goals and income requirements to evaluate your ideal allocation.

  • When should I take Social Security? American Financial Advisors provides an analysis of the best time to claim your social security benefit. Recent analysis for retirees yielded 15,000+ different claiming strategies with one maximum solution.

  • Are conversions from a Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA a smart strategy? We run an analysis to determine the best strategy for the most tax-efficient plan that also meets your estate planning needs.

  • Which account do I take withdrawals from first? We provide analysis on which annuity option you should choose regarding your pension. We help you determine when and how much you will need to establish an income stream and maintain your current lifestyle.

  • What are the guidelines concerning Medicare Parts A-D? You become eligible for Medicare as soon as you turn 65, and delaying your enrollment can result in penalties, so it is important to figure out what needs to be done. AFA will explain how appealing for lower premiums could save typically between $ 1,000 to $4,027 the first year.

  • What about healthcare benefits - and should I get Long Term Care coverage? How much is enough? A holistic financial plan will help you understand your benefit options and provide helpful guidance.

We have guided hundreds of clients successfully through this maze of decisions. If you would like to develop a plan and a timeline for some of your best years ahead, please request a consultation by emailing or call us at 770-977-2434.

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